Why Vegan?


A vegan is someone who does not eat or use animal products including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. They also do not wear animal skins, feathers, or furs, or use products that were tested on animals.

Going vegan is the single best way to save animal lives, reduce your impact on the environment, and improve your health and longevity. Though humans have consumed animal flesh for years, the wide variety of nutritious, plant-based protein available today makes consuming animal products unnecessary. Ancient people surely did not have a supermarket filled with produce available year round! In addition, the way animals raised for food are treated today is nothing short of cruel and terrifying. They are subjected to crowding, painful mutilations, stressful transport, and are all ultimately slaughtered. They are treated like objects, only valued for their flesh and bodily secretions, when in reality they are so much more. They are sentient beings with thoughts, feelings, and a desire to live, just like us. To rob them of their freedom to live, simply because you prefer to eat animal products rather than vegan alternatives, would be unjust.

Going vegan means living out your morals fully. We all believe in equality, peace,  justice, non-violence, and freedom for all. This is your opportunity to show it. Living vegan means rejecting all forms of discrimination and respecting all animals, people, and the earth you live on.

Once your heart is in the right place, going vegan is easy. Your grocery store is filled with many delicious vegan alternatives to meat and dairy, such as vegan meats, tofu, almond milk, and vegan cheese. After going vegan, you will soon see how a compassionate lifestyle changes you, inside and out. Let this blog be your guide to making the transition to a vegan lifestyle fun, easy, and rewarding.


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