Summer to Fall Transition Makeup

summer to fall transition

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. Fortunately, we have rich, smokey eye shadows and dark lips and nails to look forward to. But before you break out your fall colors, here are some tips for transitioning your makeup smoothly from summer to fall.



Honey Pot is a beautiful gold-toned shadow from the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette.ย 

To transition from summer brights into darker fall eyes, give a muted gold shadow a try.ย  This color has a beautiful sheen and flatters every skin tone. The ultimate late summer color, a soft gold is the perfect stepping stone between summer corals and fall bronzes.



NYX Simply Nude in Sable

When in doubt, go nude! A rich neutral lipstick just a smidge darker than your natural lip color is an excellent transition from summer brights to dark fall shades.



OPI Nail Lacquer in Barefoot in Barcelona

Mauve tones are the perfect colors to prep your nails for the deep and dark shades to come. Put the summer neons and pastels aside and instead embrace this earthier look. I chose this purple-toned mauve and love how it matches every outfit, from sun dresses warmer days to the sweaters on cooler days.



Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

When I think about summer, bright pink, coral, and orange blushes come to mind; however, fall is all about the darker red and purple tones. Using bronzer as a blush serves as a great segway into fall blushes. This may seem strange at first, but it gives the cheeks a beautiful summer-tinged fall look. Just blend the bronzer onto the top of the cheekbones and up towards the temples.

Here is a look combining these products:




Those are my suggestions for transitioning your makeup from summer to fall, cruelty-free as always! I hope you found this post helpful. Happy (almost) fall! ๐Ÿ™‚




How To Cut a Mango

how to cut a mango 2Ripe and sweet mangoes are the perfect cool and refreshing summer fruit. They are also rich in vitamins A, B and C, aid in maintaining clear skin, and even have cancer fighting properties. So in case you do not know this trick, this is how to cut a mango for maximum enjoyment. ๐Ÿ™‚

To get started, find a ripe mango and a sharp knife. If the mango is ripe, it should feel slightly soft when you squeeze it. They ripen well on a sunny windowsill.


1. First, locate the top of the mango. To do this, hold it upright and find the knot where it attached to the tree.


2. Using the knot for reference, place two parallel cuts about one inch apart so the pit lies between them. Cut all the way through the mango to produce 3 slices.



3. On both end slices, place 3 parallel cuts and 3 perpendicular cuts in a checkered pattern, but do not cut through the skin. Then push up from the bottom to invert the mango skin and form cubes.



4. On the slice with the pit, place a slit in the skin so it is easy to peel away as you eat. This also makes it easier to hold the pit.


Now the mango is ready to eat! Happy snacking! ๐Ÿ™‚



Garnished Pita Bread

IMG_1416As our summer days begin to dwindle, it is time to savor our last warm evenings before fall sneaks in. This garnished pita bread is the perfect dinner to enjoy on a summer night. It is crispy, flavorful, and vegan, of course! Best of all, it is extremely easy to prepare, and way healthier than delivery or frozen pizzas!



1. Pita bread

2. Vegan butter spread (I am using coconut spread). Feel free to substitute a sauce, such as marinara.

3. Vegetables of choice (I am using broccoli, green pepper, onion, and corn)

4. Vegan cheese shreds

5. Faux sausage

6. Spices of choice (I am using pepper, onion powder, and parsley flakes)


From here, it is very easy to assemble your delicious pita bread.

1. Spread vegan butter alternative (or sauce) all over pita.


2. Chop up vegetables and faux sausage to desired size.


3. Garnish with faux meat and vegetables. Sprinkle cheese shreds and spices on top.


4. Bake at 430 degrees Fahrenheit until crispy.

5. Cut into quarters and serve.

???????????????????????????????That’s it! These garnished pita breads are seriously so delicious. My whole family loves them! Feel free to experiment with different sauces and vegetables. And if you give this recipe a try, I would love to know how it turns out!



Quick and Easy Heatless Waves

???????????????????????????????When it comes to styling my hair, I am constantly searching for an easy way out. These heatless waves have become a favorite of mine, so in this post, I will show you how I achieve them.

1. I begin by showering and washing my hair the night before I plan on wearing the waves.

2.ย  I rub a pea sized amount of Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Hair Cream between my fingers and run them through my damp hair until it has been evenly distributed throughout.

3. I then braid my hair in two french braids.

4. Sleep……

5. In the morning, I unbraid my hair and either comb through it with my fingers or with a wide toothed comb.

6. I mist my hair with a generous amount of the Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray and scrunch the waves to give them texture and volume.

Done! Cue the awkward hair modeling… ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s it!



Add Color to your Makeup Routine

I’m proud to say that this is my first beauty post featuring only cruelty free makeup!


If you are anything like me, you find yourself reaching for neutral eye colors almost every day. Maybe you fear that adding color would be “too much” or is just not suitable for daily wear.ย  In this post, I’m going to show you three eye looks that incorporate color into a neutral makeup routine.

Look #1: Pop of Color in the Corner

Applying a bright color all over the lid terrifies many and is downright difficult to pull off. I have found that blending some in the inner corner gives a beautiful effect, but is still wearable.

For this look, I will be using the Urban Decay Ammo Palette. Wet n Wild also has cheaper colored palettes that have similar quality and pigmentation.


I will begin by using a brush with a precise tip. A lip brush or small crease brush will work.


Place the brush at the corner of your eye (not in your near duct) and using small flicking motions, drag the color towards the inner 1/3 of the lid. Do not let this color get into the crease. Repeat this step until the desired intensity is reached.


Now using a shader brush, pack a neutral champaigne color on the outer half and middle of the lid, blending away the harsh divide between the blue and champagne with back and forth motions. Then, blend a matte brown into the crease. I will be using the crease shade from the Wet n Wild palette, Walking on Eggshells. I am mainly focusing this color above the champagne, not the blue.

???????????????????????????????ย  ???????????????????????????????

As blending eyeshadow reduces the intensity, go back and touch up the blue and champagne. Finish by running the crease shade along the lower lashline and dabbing some of the champagne in the inner corner with your finger.

???????????????????????????????ย  ???????????????????????????????

Now, you can highlight the brow bone or add liner if you wish. Otherwise, just finish with mascara.




Look #2: Lilac Crease

This look is easier to do than look #1, in my opinion, but is still equally eye catching! For this look, I will be using the Urban Decay Ammo Palette again.

I will begin by packing a champagne shimmer all over the lid and inner corner. Then, I will blend a matte transition shade in the crease. Any light matte brown will work, even a facial powder. This prepares the crease for the lilac we will be adding next.

???????????????????????????????ย  ???????????????????????????????

Now, take a bit of the lilac on a precise crease brush (one that is not too fluffy) and focus this on the outer corner and crease. Less is more!ย  Take a bit of pigment on the brush at a time and build the color up. Like before, blending in the crease caused pigmentation to be lost on the lid, so touch up the champagne shade.ย For an added pop of purple, run the same lilac shade along the lower lashline. Otherwise, use a matte brown.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Finish with eyeliner, if you so desire, and mascara.



Look #3: Colored Eyeliner

For this look, I will be using the Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells palette and a purple pencil liner from Physician’s Formula.

Begin by applying the lid shade all over the lid and blending the crease shade into the crease. (Easy!)


Now line your lashline with the purple pencil liner. Don’t wing this out and make sure this line is quite thick.


Then, taking a liquid liner, add a very thin line as close to the lashline as possible, winging it out slightly. The contrast between the colored liner and the black will make the purple more dramatic.


Then go back and intensify the purple liner to your liking. Smudge a bit into the lower lashline if you wish. Finish with mascara.




1. Remember to use a primer, such as Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. This will help colors remain vibrant all day. To make colors even more vibrant, wet the brush with water or a makeup setting spray.

2. Feel free to mix and match bits and pieces from these looks and vary the colors. For instance, try a blue eyeliner or a bright green in the inner corner. When it comes to adding these small pops of color, there’s really no wrong way to do it.

3. Want even more color? Try a vibrant lip or blush!

Hope these looks will help you to always live life in color! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐ŸŒˆ



A Note on my Brushes: My brushes from Sonia Kashuk and Sephora are not vegan. They are made from goat and pony hairs, as well as synthetic bristles. Sonia Kashuk claims that their brushes are “100% cruelty free,” obtained from these animals like a haircut. But even though the act of taking the hair to make the brushes is cruelty free, we know nothing about how these animals are treated, where they live, and what they are used for. I will be looking for some brushes made from synthetic materials to replace them soon.

Why switch to synthetic brushes?

My Vans Warped Tour 2014 Experience

I recently attended the 20th Vans Warped Tour! ๐Ÿ™‚ As it was my first time, this post is dedicated to my preparation and experience. I hope it offers some guidance to other first time attendees!

What I Brought


I mainly followed the packing list on the Vans Warped Tour site. I packed my belongings in a drawstring backpack, which proved to be roomy enough to hold everything I acquired during the day!


  • Blueberry Belvita Biscuits: These are high in fiber and help to boost and regulate your energy.ย  As you will spend a lot of time in the sun and on your feet during the day, it is important to fuel up in a healthy way.ย  Energy drinks, sugary foods, and fried fast food are not the way to go!
  • Uncrustables: I brought these sandwiches for lunch. As I was unsure of whether homemade food would be allowed inside, these prepackaged sandwiches were perfect. I kept them frozen, and they had defrosted by lunchtime.
  • Water Bottle: A water bottle you can carry with you will be important.ย  Obtaining drinks is surprising difficult, especially if you are crunched for time. Not to mention that they do not let you keep the cap so you have to hold onto the water bottle! I would suggest bringing two, so you can drink one as you wait in line.

Personal Care Items

  • Kleenex: These were useful for mealtime. The pocket form makes them easy to pack. It will not hurt to bring some along, especially if you have allergies, since you will be outside all day.
  • Sunscreen: This is so important! As there is little shade, your skin will be red as a tomato if you skip sunscreen! Remember to reapply during the day. As you get busy, it is easy to forget. I focused mine on my shoulders and back, as those areas tend to get burnt the easiest.
  • Hair Ties: If you are considering wearing your hair down (which I do not suggest), you will be happy you brought these later in the day! It feels great to get your hair off your neck during the hot afternoon.
  • Sunglasses: Being out in the sun all day is difficult on your eyes. Putting these on during the day helps to protect them. Not to mention that it is very uncomfortable to be constantly squinting as you try to watch one of your favorite bands!

Other Items

  • Wallet: This is an obvious one! You will need to bring your ticket with you and some money. I recommend bringing $40-$100 with you in cash, depending on how much merch you plan on buying. If you are planning on buying food, definitely bring more, as it is rather expensive. (I had a $6 lemonade!) Bring some singles and fives, as breaking bills can be annoying!
  • Phone: This is also an obvious one! If you plan on taking pictures with it, make sure it is fully charged. I recommend bringing an emergency charger to ensure that your phone will still be operating by the end of the day.
  • Sharpies: These can be useful for autographs and planning out your day with the schedule.

What I woreย 


I decided to dress very comfortably for Warped Tour. I wore a lace bralette, a loose-fitting white tank top, and some cotton athletic shorts. Of course, I had to wear my black Vans. I recommend wearing light colors and breathable, flexible materials so you can move comfortably. I suggest against sandals, as it is easy to get your feet stepped on! I don’t feel that it is a priority to be dressed extremely fashionably. It is more important to feel comfortable and focus on the music! Just go to have a good time and don’t worry about what other people think of you!



I would avoid any face makeup, as your face will become hot and sweaty throughout the day.ย  Just rub some sunscreen on your forehead, cheeks, and nose and let your skin breathe!

I wore some waterproof eyeliner from Stila. By the end of the day, the wings were still clean and sharp. As pencil can smudge and bleed, I suggest using a liquid like this one.ย  I wore clear mascara to define my lashes and hold the curl.ย  Because a dark mascara can bleed, I suggest skipping it or using a waterproof version.

Put on some lip balm, preferably one with sunblock in it. Lips can become burnt too!


  • Eat a healthy breakfast! As you become busy during the day, it is easy to forget to eat! At least if you have a hearty breakfast working for you, you can remain energized. I recommend eating whole grains and fruits. Avoid sugary foods.
  • Buy a schedule. This is very useful for planning out your day. It takes a lot of the stress out of Warped Tour! It includes a map and lists of all the stages and the times the bands are playing there. You would hate to miss your favorite band because of ill planning! It costs $2, so bring a few singles.
  • Stay hydrated.ย  Remember to take a few sips of water every once in awhile. The heat is exhausting, so some fresh, cool water can go a long way.
  • Check up on those with you. If you came with a friend, communicate. Make sure they are feeling comfortable and well. Remind each other to drink, eat, and apply sunscreen throughout the day. And stay together, as it is easy to lose track of each other in a sea of people!
  • Take a break. Block out some 20 minute time frames to sit down, drink, have a snack, and relax. These will help to keep you going throughout the day and give you an energy boost.ย  An all day concert is already difficult enough on your body. It deserves a break!
  • Go to signings! The lines can be daunting, but they are well worth the wait, especially if it is for one of your favorite bands!
  • Put away your phone! I really advise against snapping tons of pictures and videos. Soak up the moment through your senses, not through your cellphone screen! There will be plenty of professional videos and pictures online afterwards. So maybe take a couple of pictures, but forget about your social medias for one day and enjoy yourself!
  • Listen to new bands! With such a large lineup, there is bound to be a band you have never listened to before. Give someone new a try instead of just listening to bands you are familiar with. Maybe you will discover a new favorite!
  • Get sleep! I went to Warped Tour on 3 hours of sleep…Not the best way to prepare for an all day outdoor music festival! Don’t be me. Get a good night’s rest!

My Experience


Icon For Hire is one of my favorite bands, and when they announced they would be at Warped Tour, I knew it would be difficult to miss out on seeing them! The show was amazing! I recommend to anyone attending a future Warped Tour 2014 date to put them on your list. I wish their performance could have been longer! They had a signing afterwards. Though I had to wait almost an hour, it was well worth it!

I purchased their first album, Scripted (which you need to listen to if you have not already!), while in line and got it autographed by all three members of the band! ๐Ÿ˜€ I also purchased a lyric t-shirt.


And then, this happened. Yes. That is me and the lead singer of Icon For Hire, Ariel!


So overall my Vans Warped Tour 2014 experience was amazing! I definitely want to go again next year! To anyone whose tour date is coming up, you have a great Warped Tour to look forward to! I hope this post gave you some useful advice!



Summer Vibes: A Playlist

summer vibes

During the summer, I love to jam out to fun and upbeat pop-punk, indie, and alternative vibes. In this post, I organized a playlist of 13 songs I have been listening to this summer!ย  Even though nine out of ten times I am listening to music while wandering around the internet, this summery playlist helps me imagine that I am at a beach-side concert at sunset! Wherever your happy place is, I hope this playlist transports you there!

Happy Listening!