How I Cleared My Skin

How I cleared my skin 1

Since I was 11 or 12, I have been struggling with acne. Even after going vegan over a year ago, my skin was still uncooperative as ever. But this summer, I have been taking measures to clear my skin and am finally seeing results. So in case you are also struggling with skin that has a mind of its own, below are the things I do to help clear my skin.

1. Keep my hair off my face. When you have what feels like a mountain range on your face, it can be tempting to hide it behind a curtain of hair. But after consistently pulling my hair back in a ponytail or half-up half-down do to keep my hair off of my cheeks and forehead, my breakouts began to calm down.

2. Change my pillowcase. I aim to change my pillowcase every other day (1 side of the pillow per night), and it has been making a world of difference! My acne heals much better overnight when I sleep on a clean pillowcase.

3. Sleep well. Going to bed early maximizes the healing sleep your body needs to repair itself. I tend to get into the habit of staying up late and waking up late, but I have found that my skin fares much better if I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, even if I get the same amount of sleep.

4. Don’t touch it! I am always tempted to touch or pick at acne, especially when I am stressed or nervous. Messing with pimples only makes them worse. They heal much slower, can leave scars, and can spread to nearby skin. Keeping your hands off your face makes a big difference in lowering healing time and preventing future breakouts.

5. Go bare faced. My solution to breakouts has always been to slather on a bit of concealer and head on my way. However, even the lightest coverage makeup still does more harm than good for my skin. It can feel embarrassing to leave your imperfections out in the open, but after not wearing face makeup regularly for over two months, I found that the benefits far outweigh those first few weeks of insecurity.

6. Remove my makeup. But if you do wear makeup, make sure you remove it completely. I still have clogged pores near my eyes from not removing my eye makeup thoroughly. To prevent this, I go over my eyes and face with a makeup wipe after washing it to be sure I have cleaned away every last bit of makeup.

7. Avoid trying new products. A month ago, I tried out a new concealer and almost instantly got the hugest breakout. So if you are trying to clear your skin, it is best to avoid risking aggravating it with new products. But if you must try something new, go for something more natural or something that is formulated for sensitive skin.

8. Patience. When taking steps to clear your skin, it is important to stick with it even if you do not see results right away. Healing acne takes time. With persistence, your skin will improve.

My Skincare Routine

My skincare routine 1

I have very sensitive skin, so I find that less is more when trying to clear my acne. I wash my face every evening with Yes To Tomatoes face wash, which is very natural and gentle yet formulated to fight acne. Then, I moisturize dry patches using C.O. Bigelow Rosebud Salve. In the morning, I wash my face with only water and then moisturize.

Final Tip

Remember that having acne doesn’t make you less of a person. Don’t let it get you down or stop you from doing what you love. Make efforts to be the best you you can be, but also don’t fret over every imperfection. My skin still isn’t perfect, and I don’t expect it to ever be. We all just have to learn to love and nurture our skin as it is. ❤

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My Vegan Diary: Week 8

Why I'm vegan

I have almost reached the two month mark in my vegan journey. It has truly been a remarkable 8 weeks, filled with personal growth and ethical development. But there is something that has been frustrating me lately that I will share in this diary.

For all of my life, I have struggled with several skin conditions. When I first went vegan, it was for purely ethical reasons. But I became interested in the health benefits when I learned that eliminating animal products from one’s diet can heal psoriasis, eczema, and acne. After reading about others’ success stories, I hoped that the vegan diet could do the same for me.

Due to the fact that all pharmaceuticals are tested on animals, I stopped using my skin medications. But I am still struggling with psoriasis and facial acne. This past week, a rash that had been developing on my arms became quite severe. So, with defeat, I decided to resume using my medication until it clears up. I feel torn inside, knowing that the animal who it was tested on experienced far more pain than I do. A rash won’t kill me. But no matter what I did or how long I waited, my skin simply would not heal.

Though I am not extremely health conscious, I have consistently eaten more whole and raw foods and limited processed foods since going vegan. But my skin is just as annoying as it has always been.  And now, in less than a week, these chemicals in a bottle have healed me more than the vegan diet has in eight weeks. It feels rather disheartening. I worry that since I am not a living testament of the health benefits of the vegan diet, people will see my acne and not want to go vegan.

I, personally, never want my vegan lifestyle to be centered around my own body and health.  But during times like this, when it feels like no matter what I do, I can’t control the way my face will look like tomorrow, it is so easy to become frustrated with my vegan diet. I know it is wrong to pity myself when billions of animals are not even granted a right to their own lives and bodies. So I will try my best to remain strong in my values and fight against these feelings discouragement. Because at the end of the day, this lifestyle I choose is dedicated to bringing liberation to the animals, not myself.