Vegan Frozen Yogurt


Despite the freezing temperatures, frozen yogurt can be a delicious treat during the wintertime. Luckily, dairy-free frozen yogurt is gaining popularity every day. Most frozen yogurt shops now carry tasty dairy-free options and toppings.

Simply check the signs to find out which flavors contain dairy and other allergens.


Toppings can be a bit tricky, as they are rarely labeled for allergens, but the fruit and bubbles are often a safe choice. As always, beware of candy that may contain gelatin or dairy. When in doubt, simply ask the server about the ingredients.

IMG_20150228_154633676_HDRAnd if passing up the dairy-laden desserts ever feels difficult, remember that nothing compares to the suffering cows must endure when we don’t.

By choosing delicious, dairy-free alternatives, we can give cows the lives of freedom and  peace they deserve.




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