My December Favorites

my december favorites

December has treated me well! I successfully completed my first semester of college! 😀 I have also been enjoying spending time at home celebrating the holidays with my family. I appreciate the much needed break from cafeteria food! I have quite a few favorites I can’t wait to share with you, so let’s get into them!


My main highlight was my eighteenth birthday on the 16th. Because I skipped a grade, I am always a year younger than my peers, so it felt good to finally catch up!


Me on my 18th birthday

For my birthday gift, I got my septum pierced! I am super excited about this piercing. I have been wanting it for a long time. I don’t expect everyone to like it, but I personally am in love with it! ❤


My new septum piercing!


IMG_20141129_142113349I have been absolutely loving the felt-tipped liquid eyeliner from Sonia Kashuk this month. The Stila stay all day liquid liner used to be my holy grail liquid liner. But after I found out they sell in China and therefore are not cruelty-free, I did not know how I would find a liner to replace it. But luckily, I love this eyeliner even more! I got it at Target for less than half the price of the Stila liner. I love how sturdy the tip is, making it easy to get sharp, precise winged liner with a single flick. I also love how dark the color is. I have had it for a month now and it hasn’t dried out at all, which is a great sign! I will definitely be sticking with this liner for a long time!


???????????????????????????????Me and my pair of black vegan combat boots have been inseparable this month! They are so comfy and were easy to break in. They go with almost every outfit, and are super warm and sturdy. I have been especially loving pairing them with thick crew-length socks. I got them for under $25 from the brand Soda on and am so happy I purchased them instead of vegan Doc Martens, which are too pricy to think about. I am sure I will be wearing these all winter!



Let’s establish this: Field Roast’s new Chao cheese slices are THE thing in vegan cheese! The texture is perfectly on point. They melt very nicely as well. If you gave this cheese to a non-vegan, I am positive they would not be able to tell it was vegan cheese! “But I can’t live without cheese,” and “Vegan cheese does not taste like the real thing,” are no longer valid excuses! In fact, I almost do not like the Creamy Original flavor because it smells and tastes exactly like real cheese, which disgusts me a bit. (Although it is amazing in grilled cheese sandwiches!) I prefer the Coconut Herb flavor, which does not have that distinct cheese scent because of the flavorful herbs.


 I have been listening to the band New Year’s Day nonstop lately. (Ash Costello’s perfect two toned hair is probably part of it 😛 ) I have been especially loving their album “Victim to Villain.” The instrumentals are solid, and the vocals and lyrics are also awesome. My favorite songs off the album are “Do Your Worst” and “Angel Eyes.”

Blog Updates

I made an Instagram account this month, so for lots of pictures of tasty vegan food, my makeup loves, and my adorable pet tortoise, follow me @leilalinablog!

I am still collecting questions for my Questions and Answers blog post! Feel free to ask me anything in the comments. 🙂

Lastly, I added a “Why Vegan” page to my site. To learn more about the motivations to go vegan, check it out!

These are all my December favorites! I would love to know what you have been loving this month! ❤ Hope you all had a joyful holiday season and a happy new year! 🙂




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