Crushed Velvet: A New Year’s Eve Makeup Look

crushed velvet

2015 is almost here! In spirit of the new year, I created this makeup look inspired by iridescent crushed velvet and all things sparkly and new. I used the Urban Decay Ammo Palette and Too Faced Natural Eye Palette; however, the colors I used were quite basic, so any similar shadows you own will work. I hope you enjoy!


1. Begin by priming the lids so the colors stay vibrant all night long. I am using Urban Decay’s primer potion, as always.

2. To achieve a sharp cat-eye effect, apply a piece of tape to the outer corner of each eye.

3. Begin by lightly defining the crease with a cool matte taupe shadow. Then, apply a shimmery white shade to the inner corner and inner third of the lid.


5. Using a flat shader brush, pack a shimmery champagne shadow onto the lid.


6. Using a smudger brush, take a shimmery black and lightly apply this to the outer V of the eye and draw it precisely into the crease. Blend with a fluffy brush and repeat. Attempt to blend the shadow up and out to lift the eyes. When the desired intensity in the crease is reached, take a bit of the matte taupe shade on the fluffy brush and blend slightly above the crease to soften any harsh lines and give a faded effect.


7. Reapply the champagne shade to the lid and the white to the inner corner. Then, taking a sparkly shadow on your index finger, dab the center of the lid and repeat until desired intensity is reached. (Beware of fallout! It would be wise to do your face makeup last for this look, but brushing over your face with a fluffy brush should remove most of the glitter.)


8. Intensify and blend the crease once more. Then, take the black shade on a liner brush and apply to the lower lashline. Highlight the brow bone with a matte white. To finish the eyes, apply a thin line of liquid liner, winging it out at the end, and line the waterline. Curl the lashes and apply a few generous coats of mascara, or even false lashes for a glamorous look. Lastly, fill in the brows with a powder and then set them with a gel.


9. For an ultra dramatic lip, apply a dark red lipstick (I am using Black Orchid from wet n wild). Now for a special twist: take a bit of the shimmery champagne eyeshadow on your finger and dot the center of your upper and lower lips. Blend with your finger so it looks natural and build up to reach the desired effect.

I usually hate shimmery lipsticks, but I love the delicate touch of iridescence this technique adds to your lips. It’s so eye-catching and pretty, perfect for a New Year’s Eve party!


This is the finished look!



I hope you found this tutorial helpful! If you try it out, I would love to know what you think.

There is no better way to start the year than with a new makeup look! If you are not already, make 2015 the year you go cruelty-free! I assure you, you will be looking more beautiful than ever, both inside and out! 😉 ❤




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