World Vegan Month: Day 7

Happy Friday! I have had a stressful week finishing assignments, studying for exams, and writing papers. So after I got out of class today, I grabbed some Chipotle and decided to watch my favorite show, Friends.

The episode I watched was Season 2 Episode 2, in which Ross freaks out about tasting human breast milk. As a vegan, it seemed completely ironic to me that he found it so gross and disgusting to drink human milk, while it is considered perfectly normal to drink the milk that comes out of a cow! I also liked how Ross mentioned that breast milk is not made for adults. Indeed, milk has one purpose and one purpose only: to feed a mother’s growing baby!

For a laugh, watch the scene for yourself! 🙂

Most people would consider drinking another human’s breast milk repulsive, but consume dairy products without a second thought. Whether we turn milk into cheese, ice cream, or yogurt, it doesn’t change what it really is. So if the thought of drinking breast milk makes you squeamish like Ross, then maybe you should opt for a plant-based milk instead!

I agree with Ross: adults breast feeding is not natural at all!




6 thoughts on “World Vegan Month: Day 7

  1. elle says:

    haha good point about the milk >.<

    I've got a random question for you. It turns out I just got invited to Chipotle for dinner. I've never been — what did you get that's vegan?


    • Chipotle is a great restaurant for vegan food. Burrito bowls are my favorite. You can also get the actual burrito. All of the salsas, rice, beans, and veggies are vegan, and the guacamole is free! If you are in luck, your chipotle may carry sofritas, which is braised tofu. In which case they don’t, you can just get veggie option. Just stay away from cheese and sour cream! 🙂 hope this helps!


  2. Haha, I love that there are other people who think the same way. I’ve thought the exact same thing about similar comments about breast milk, like when Ben Stiller accidentally drinks the breast milk in “Meet the Fockers” and then freaks when he finds out what it is.
    Slightly off topic, I got this petition today, and I thought of you right away. It’s to save Pygmy Elephants who are being poisoned so that others won’t eat from palm trees so companies can collect palm oil for their products. The link is below 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing this petition with me! Signed! 🙂 Palm oil really worries me. I haven’t done a lot of research into it, but many vegans choose to leave it out of their diet along with other animal products. I will definitely try to do what I can to avoid palm oil.


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