World Vegan Month: Day 4

In case you were unaware, November is World Vegan Month! I have been contemplating doing something here on my blog, but as I am a full time student with a load of extracurricular projects, I cannot make any promises when it comes to daily blogging. However, each day this month, I will try my best to share something small here with you. It may be something I ate, a picture or graphic I came across, a quote, a statistic, a thought, an experience…anything! Hopefully, if you are vegan or are interested in learning more about veganism, this insight into my experience will help you out!

Today’s thought:

somebodyI came across this image this morning, and it stuck with me all day. It really sends the message that we need to stop tossing up excuses and live our morals fully. The animals cannot afford us putting off going vegan, blaming the consequences of our actions on someone else, or claiming that we as individuals cannot make a difference.

All it takes is a leap of courage to simply say, “I am going to do everything in my power to help animals.” By staying focused on the animals, not on yourself, committing to a vegan lifestyle is easy. In the words of Alissa White Gluz, a role model of mine: “When people ask me if it’s hard to be vegan, I say no, it’s not hard. It would be hard to not be vegan!”

So whenever you feel discouraged or powerless against such a cruel industry, know that you are someone. Someone with a voice that matters and an ability to make a difference. So get out there and change the world! ❤ 🙂




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