Your Guide to an Animal-Friendly Halloween

pigs halloween

It is hard to believe that Halloween is days away! I don’t know about you, but Halloween never fails to awaken my inner sweet tooth! What could be better than eating sweets while dressing in fun costumes?

Though scary movies and haunted houses are fun on Halloween, for billions of animals across the world, every single day of their lives is a never ending horror story.

factory farms are scary

Here are some tips on how to enjoy a cruelty-free Halloween!

Vegan Candy

Many candies contain dairy or gelatin (which is boiled bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments of cows). But no fear! There are plenty of delicious vegan sweets to satisfy your cravings!

Sour Patch Kids

These chewy, sweet and sour candies have always been one of my favorites. I was psyched when I found out they are vegan, too! Be sure to eat your fill of these delicious gummies this Halloween!


Skittles have always been a childhood favorite of mine. These colorful candies are so addictive, the bag will disappear before your eyes!



These sweet and chewy candies are super fun and delicious, and come in a ton of flavors, too. Is it odd that my favorite flavor is the mystery flavor? 😛

Dum Dums

dum dums

These adorable little lollipops are so delicious.  It only takes a few licks to transport me back to my childhood!


When I was a kid, I would open all of the twin packs of Starbursts searching for the pink ones. Most of the time, I only found yellows and oranges. But at those rare moments when a pack contained two pinks, I felt like I just won a lottery!

Dark Chocolate

Everyone needs to satisfy their chocolate craving on Halloween. Luckily, many dark chocolates are vegan! In addition, there are vegan versions of many of your favorite chocolate bars, such as Snickers, peanut butter cups, Butterfingers, and Mounds bars! Yummy!

You can find a complete list of vegan candy here. Can you pick a favorite?

In addition to candy, you can enjoy many other festive fall treats such as caramel apples, pretzels, ciders, cookies, and pies.

Your Halloween party won’t be complete without these festive caramel apples! Recipe here.

Animal Safety

Halloween can be a dangerous time for your pets. Due to superstitious beliefs, black cats can become victims of cruel pranks on Halloween. If you have a pet, be sure to keep them indoors or under close supervision. If your pet easily becomes stressed around crowds, it may be best to not take them trick-or-treating with you. Keep Halloween decorations and candy off the floor and out of your pets’ reach.

If you dress your pet in a costume, be careful that it does not restrict their breathing or motion. Make sure it fits them well and is not too tight. If your pet absolutely refuses to wear a costume, don’t force them too! Our pets may look adorable dressed up, but they are not for us to coo and gawk at. Simply leave the costume on long enough to take a few pictures, and then take it off.

And as a warning, if you’re dressing your pet as a pumpkin this year, you have some serious competition!


My tortoise Pumpkin-tosh (aka Macantosh)

For more tips on how to keep your pet safe this Halloween, look here.

I hope this guide helps you have an animal-friendly Halloween!




11 thoughts on “Your Guide to an Animal-Friendly Halloween

  1. I have always been disappointed on Halloween because I didn’t have a list of vegan candies so I just avoided all of them. This is infinitely helpful! LOL, the same day as I noticed this I had just published my guide to vegan Halloween (our brains must be connected). And I will definitely be not be dressing my pup as a pumpkin for Halloween – Mack has set the bar very high! He’s so cute!


    • So, in conclusion, (would have added this to the end of the last comment but I am technologically challenged) I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this post because it inspired my friend to eat only vegan candy this year (and she’s not vegan). I am SO grateful that your blog inspired her!


      • That’s amazing! Only vegan candy is definitely a start! Hopefully this will help her see how delicious vegan treats can be, both on Halloween and every other day of the year! 🙂


  2. Great tips, I didn’t know Airheads and Starbursts were vegan! Fabulous post!
    OH, I did dress my pet up for the occasion- my white dog was pink this Halloween- she loved getting rubbed down with the dye concoction- Strawberry Kool aid, food colouring and conditioner- but she spent the five minutes that the mix was setting trying to lick the dye bowl. She smelled quite nice when her beauty treatment was done and she was fuchsia at the end of it, however she was completely brown by Saturday morning since she spent the night digging in the mud. Two baths in one weekend if you can imagine- poor thing!


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