Chicago Vegan Mania 2014


Today, I had the opportunity to attend Chicago Vegan Mania, a festival dedicated to Chicago’s vegan food and culture. There were many vendors with information, books, tee shirts, stickers, health care products, and food. There was also an all-vegan cafeteria, which was selling food from many local vegan restaurants. My family and I had a great afternoon! Here are some pictures of the food we ate:

IMG_20141011_133143973This can of water comes from the non-profit organization Canned Water 4 Kids, which provides fresh canned water to children in countries where fresh water is scarce.


Here is the cup of delicious lemon curry noodles with chickpeas and cauliflower I ate for lunch. It was super delicious! ❀ The restaurant that I bought this from also makes vegan “fish nuggets,” which were breaded nuggets of imitation fish meat. I sampled one, and they were super yummy! My mom really liked them! Seriously, there is nothing you can’t make vegan!


My sister had this vegetable tempura, which is a Japanese dish of breaded and fried veggies. It looked delish!

IMG_20141011_133642044My mom enjoyed this veggie-tofu dish over rice, topped with sesame seeds.


I also ate this plate of macaroni and cheese. My mom was really grossed out by it! I admit that it looks a little weird. But it tasted AMAZING! The noodles were quite soft, but the “cheese” was delicious, rich, and flavorful. Definitely some excellent vegan macaroni and cheese!

IMG_20141011_133410483For dessert, my sister ate this adorable little vanilla cupcake. Isn’t it the most beautiful cupcake you’ve ever seen in your life?! Its little polka-dot paper cup is too cute! It makes me want to start baking cupcakes myself!


This scoop of pumpkin pie ice cream was definitely my favorite of what I tried. I am such a sucker for pumpkin flavored things! This vegan ice cream is made from hemp milk. (Hemp milk is made from a variety of the cannibis plant that you cannot get high off of, in case you were curious. πŸ˜‰ It’s also an excellent source of vegan protein and omega fatty acids!)Β  Anyways, this ice cream had a super strong pumpkin spice flavor and tasted like icy pumpkin pie filling! The texture was very smooth and sweet. Definitely the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever tried!

Not pictured: My mom had a chocolate soft serve ice cream cone (yes, you read that right, vegan soft serve!) for dessert. I had a taste and it was very rich, smooth, and creamy. My sister and I also split a chocolate chip cookie dough sandwich, which was two cookies with some cookie dough filling! It was super yummy! ❀


A bumper sticker I bought for my imaginary car.

So overall, I had a great time. It felt powerful and inspiring to see so many people gathered in one place who are united with the same conviction to create a more compassionate world for animals. It can feel discouraging sometimes when you are surrounded by meat-eaters. But it is reassuring to know that millions of people across the world have also taken a stand against animal cruelty by choosing to leave animal products out of their lives.


I picked up this vegan starter kit from the PETA booth! This is an amazing resource for beginning a vegan lifestyle. You can get yours for free here!

Little by little, change will happen! The animal rights movement gains momentum each day, and we can’t be stopped now! One day, every slaughterhouse will be but an empty and run-down relic of the torture and cruelty of the past. I hope I will be alive to see the last slaughterhouse close down for good! The slaughterhouse bars may be made of iron, but the power of compassion is stronger! The day will come when every animal will be given the right to live free from harm, no matter their species.


This sticker perfectly sums up what I believe in. Plus, it has both of my favorite animals on it: turtles and swallows! ❀

As you can see, trying new vegan foods is fun and delicious. Today, there are many vegan restaurants that serve a wide variety of amazing food, so move beyond animal products and give VEGAN a try! Use the website to find vegan restaurants near you.




7 thoughts on “Chicago Vegan Mania 2014

    • Thank you! There was such a wide variety of different foods there! It really goes to show that vegans don’t have to live off of tofu and salad anymore. Hopefully as more and more delicious vegan foods go on the market, people will move away from animal products.

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