Vegan in College

An excuse to not go vegan I hear frequently is that it is too difficult in a university setting. However, I find eating in the dining hall manageable. It can be a bit annoying on days when vegan options are scant, but with a bit of planning and creativity, you can always make something to eat. At each station in my dining hall, there is a sign with symbols such as a red V for vegan, a carrot for vegetarian, etc. In addition, you can check the dining hall menu online to plan your meals in advance.

So here was my dinner for Friday evening:

First, I ate this vegan pot pie. I wouldn’t exactly call it a pie. It was just the filling with this little bread wedge. But it was super cute, and very delicious too.

pot pie

Then, I had this miso and rice noodle soup with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and tofu.


To finish, I had some steamed vegetables, pineapple, and watermelon. Yes, I eat a lot of fruit, please don’t judge me… 😛


On days when the vegan entrees are lacking, I resort to the salad bar, sandwich making station, or a tried and true plate of hummus and veggies. For snacking between meals, I keep fruit, granola bars, soy yogurt, and other goodies in my room.  A mini fridge and microwave can be a vegan student’s best friends!

As you can see, being vegan in college is not difficult at all! Since vegan foods such as breads, vegetables, fruits, rice, and grains are a staple in all diets, you can eat vegan almost anywhere.

And if you need even more inspiration, PETA published a cookbook with hundreds of dorm-friendly vegan recipes that can all be made in the microwave:

vegan cookbook

Being vegan in college is easier than ever now! If you are a student considering going vegetarian or vegan, I hope this helps you to take the leap and give it a try.  It is easier than you think!

And as always, leave me any and all of your questions and concerns. I would be happy to help you as best I can! 🙂 ❤




4 thoughts on “Vegan in College

  1. Love this post Leila! I’m also a vegan at university, luckily my halls are self-catered so I get to cook all of my own vegan food which makes it a lot easier! Your meal looked great though & it’s so awesome that your dining hall signals which food is vegan friendly 🙂 xx


    • I am glad you enjoyed my post! It is great that you are a vegan university student too! Sometimes I miss being able to cook my own food like I did when I lived at home. Thank you for your comment! 🙂


  2. I have been meaning to tell you for about a week now but I have been reading your blog and it has inspired me to make the change of going from vegetarian to vegan! Starting tomorrow I will officially be vegan thanks to you. As I’m only 15, my mum was sceptical as to if I would be getting all the right nutrients but I’ve shown her your blog and the PETA starter kit and she’s given it the all clear so thank you! 🙂


    • Nothing makes me more happy than to know that I helped you to make the change to vegan! Thank you so much! You will now be saving over 100 animals per year. That’s huge! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Best of luck in your vegan journey. If you ever need anything at all, feel free to ask me. Thank you so much!! 🙂

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