Fast Against Slaughter Final Thoughts


Though my fast against slaughter is ending soon, my soul will forever mourn every drop of their innocent blood spilled by mankind. Every scream and cry our deaf ears ignored. Every time their pure, gentle eyes stared into ours, pleading to be spared, only to be met with cruel, merciless slaughter.  Though my pain of hunger will soon be abated, their suffering and torment never ends. Please spare them. Their lives depend upon your choices. Please show them mercy.

Going vegetarian or vegan is easier today than ever before. A vegan saves approximately 200 animals per year!  Every meal counts. Simply eating vegan for 1 day, or even one meal, each week will make a difference. I hope next time you eat meat or milk or eggs, you think of the animals who suffered to bring that meal to your table. Because for every non-vegan meal you eat, they must pay with their lives. Changing the world begins with changing yourself. Together, we can make this world a more positive place for all animals, no matter their species.

For further resources on making the transition, look here.




6 thoughts on “Fast Against Slaughter Final Thoughts

  1. Your posts today have been especially touching. You are definitely tempting me to eat vegetarian. Especially since I currently already eat vegetarian 75% of the time. I don’t know if I am ready to take the vegan leap yet since I still have to cook non-vegetarian meals for my husband, but you got me thinking. Thanks again for always posting such well-written posts. You are making a difference! Keep blogging!


    • It is amazing to hear that you are considering a vegetarian diet! Truly, it is easier than you think. I went from eating meat on a regular basis to vegan in less than a week, and the hardest part was just deciding to commit to it. My roommate ate vegan today, and she said agreed that it was easier than she thought. So I encourage you to just give it a try and see! There is no need to go vegan all at once. Just make a gradual switch. Even just eating a few extra vegan meals each week will make a difference. Of course, feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I would be so glad to support you! Best of luck! 🙂

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  2. I’m not vegan because I eat the eggs provided by my mums hens (they’re v happy though – they get the run of the compost heap, which weirdly they seem to love) but I try to avoid other animal products. I find the hardest thing is weeding out all the hidden milk powder in stuff, especially since it will be of the lowest quality. I’m lucky enough to work in a mostly veggie workplace. And we’re planning a trip together to the Faroe isles to protest against the whale slaughter.
    I find the hardest thing about this lifestyle is managing not to strangle the idiots who think that just saying ‘bacon’ repeatedly will change my mind. My boyfriend isn’t veggie, but I won’t cook meat for him. He’s recently given up pig, so maybe someday he’ll go the whole hog *hehehe* x


    • Thank you so much for sharing! It is great to hear that you are nearly vegan! Eating eggs from backyard hens is a gray area for many vegans. As long as the hens were not sourced from a place that practices chick culling (where male chicks are ground alive or suffocated), then I think that’s perfectly fine. It is amazing that you are going to protest whale slaughter! If you blog about your experience, I would love to read about it! That sounds amazing, I hope your protest makes an impact! It is great to hear that your boyfriend is in the process of going vegetarian. Maybe try making some pretend meat for him? Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂


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