Fast Against Slaughter, October 2nd


They are brought into a dark and cruel world, already marked for execution. Every day of their short and miserable lives, they endure merciless pain and cruelty. Their bodies are marred and mutilated. Not even their own flesh belongs to them. Every night, they hope for deliverance that never comes. When their time is up, they are crowded so tightly onto trucks that they can barely breathe or move. Through torturous heat or bitter cold they ride for hours on end, not receiving a drop of water or food. When their heinous journey finally comes to an end, they are met with an unthinkably cruel and agonizing death. Never in their days were they shown a single ounce of love, mercy, or compassion. Unseen, they suffered. Unheard, they cried. Hopeless, they died.

Right now, 70 billion animals across the world are living this horror story. Thursday October 2nd is the World Day for Farmed Animals. To experience an infinitesimally small fraction of the suffering animals in the meat, dairy, and egg industries endure every day, I will not eat. If you feel moved by the plight of farm animals, you are welcome to join me in this fast. (Pledge here!) If you are incapable of fasting, I encourage you to eat VEGAN. This means only consuming food free from meat, dairy, eggs, and honey.

Veganism is based upon values you already believe in, such as peace, non-violence, kindness, compassion, and equality. It is as simple as not harming innocent, feeling beings because you do not have to and they don’t want to die! I hope you choose to eat compassionately and always give thought to the suffering you spare yourself the sight, Thursday and onward.


See why I FAST against SLAUGHTER here.




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