5 Perks of being Vegan!

vegan is awesome

The vegan diet gets a reputation for being extremely restrictive and difficult to stick to. When I tell people I’m vegan, 90% of the time I get a response along the lines of “I could never do that!” Well, this post is dedicated to the amazing perks of being vegan that often go unacknowledged.

1. You can eat MORE! It seems miserable to have to constantly count your calories and control portion sizes. Who can honestly say that a Lean Cuisine makes a satisfying meal? Because animal products are more dense in calories and fat, you cannot eat a large volume of them. Fortunately, 400 calories of plant material fills the stomach perfectly, leaving you feeling satisfied after every meal. So go vegan and eat up!

big vegan bowl

Meet The Big Vegan Bowl. Ummm, yes? Recipe here.

2. You are leaving a smaller ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT. No more fooling yourself with the environmental benefits of shutting offΒ  the sink while you brush your teeth or turning off the lights when you leave the room. Though you should still use your resources wisely, know that the vegan diet alone contributes tremendously to reducing environmental damage, more than the aforementioned gestures ever could. So grab your veggies feel good about helping the environment!


3. You feel HEALTHIER! Going vegan immediately eliminates the most unhealthy foods in your diet, such as fast food, ice cream, and hot dogs. All vegan food, even Oreos and vegan ice cream, are cholesterol free! It is a great relief to know that your risk for terrible diseases like heart disease and cancer have been dramatically decreased.

Here in college, my friends constantly complain about overeating the dining hall’s cookies or soft serve. As a vegan, avoiding junk food and making healthy choices is so much easier! Have I successfully escaped the dreaded Freshman 15?

None of this for me!

4. Food tastes BETTER! Once you have been vegan for awhile, your taste preferences change to favor delicious and nutritious foods like veggies and fruits. (And besides, who doesn’t feel nauseated after eating a greasy bacon double cheeseburger? Yuck!) Once you know that no pain, suffering, or death went into the making of your meal, your food tastes better than ever before! A clear conscience makes eating MUCH more enjoyable! Nothing feeds the body, mind, and soul better than a wholesome vegan meal.

vegan vs nonvegan

5. You are living INDEPENDENTLY! Think of the your most proud accomplishments in life. The reason why you were able to achieve them was because you ate food, which gave you the energy to live. If you are not vegan, then your entire existence is dependent upon causing pain, suffering, and death to other living beings. When you stop eating animal products, you liberate yourself from gaining nourishment at others’ expense. No longer do you stand upon the crushed skulls of other beings to reach your goals. Every success and victory you achieve is truly yours.

THE COST: On average, people eat 1094 animals in their lifetime, including 4 cows, 4 sheep, 12 geese, 37 ducks, 46 pigs, 46 turkeys and 945 chickens. Nothing can make up for this merciless bloodshed.

All of these amazing perks and more are free for you to enjoy! All you have to do is put down those nasty animal products. Once you begin experiencing all of the wonderful benefits of going vegan, you will never dream of going back! So let’s face it…Being VEGAN is pretty awesome!

Maybe one day the tables will turn and people will instead say, “Wow! You’re a meat eater! I could never do that!”




8 thoughts on “5 Perks of being Vegan!

  1. I love this! Great points. After becoming vegan, I honestly never felt better in my life. It’s like a weight in lifted! And yes, I stopped worrying about dieting! I actually didn’t lose any weight, but I feel lighter and better, which boosts my confidence. It just feels so nice!

    Thanks for summing up what we are all thinking πŸ™‚ xx Bianca


  2. Anna says:

    I love your enthusiasm in every single post about veganism! Although I will never be vegan or vegetarian (personal choice), I really enjoy reading your posts. You actually inspire me to live a little bit more healthy/clean and to also try some vegan dishes (I am so hungry for that Big Vegan Bowl now!!), because I think it would be a great alternative for regular non-vegan food that I always eat. Anyway, keep up the good work! πŸ™‚


    • I am glad you enjoyed my posts! It is good to hear that my pieces have been inspiring you to try some more compassionate food choices. Going vegan doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Every vegan meal makes a difference! Thank you for your comment! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmm.. I’ve been wanting to actually try things like this but I can’t seem to lay off meat. I always feel a little light headed and sick after I skip meat. How did you overcome that? What do you eat instead?


    • I am so happy that you are interested in trying vegetarian/vegan! The key to making the transition is “crowding out.” This means, instead of just eliminating meat from your diet, you have to replace it with other foods. There are many faux meats at your local grocery store.You can also try tofu (one of my favorites), tempeh, and seitan. As long as you are getting enough calories after eliminating animal-based products, you should not be feeling sick. Just make sure every meal contains fruits or vegetables, grains/carbohydrates, and a protein source such as the ones listed above. Since vegan foods are less dense in fat and calories, you may need to eat more often, so try snacking on nuts or fruit between meals. Finally, feel free to transition slowly. You don’t have to go meat free all at once. That way, you will allow your body to adjust. Hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! πŸ™‚


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