My Vegan Diary: Week 9


I have some very exciting news to share in this week’s Vegan Diary! I am serving on this year’s peta2 Youth Advisory Board! Along with 16 other student animal rights activists, I will be working with peta2 on developing campaigns, missions for the street team, and other meaningful projects. I could not be more excited to be working with such an accomplished, motivated, and diverse group of people! It feels amazing to finally meet others who are as passionate about animal rights as I am! I am proud to be supporting peta2 in their fight for the rights of animals across the country and I cannot wait to see what we accomplish!

I am aware that there is some controversy that surrounds PETA. However, I support their work because the amount of good they do for animals far outweighs whatever negatives people see in them. They are the largest animal right’s organization in the world. Their work through animal cruelty investigations, public education, animal rescue, and campaigns has helped to bring about awareness and change in a world that is an unfortunately dark place for animals.  As long as PETA continues its work, I will support them.

Another reason why I support PETA is because they helped me to go vegan. I originally thought I would be vegetarian before going vegan. I didn’t know that the dairy and egg industries caused suffering to animals. The information on their website showed me the ugly truth behind these industries and gave me guidance and support in my transition into veganism. I pledged to be vegan for 30 days, and have never looked back! (You can pledge here!)

peta2, the portion of PETA that focuses on youth campaigns and education, has been my number one fan in my vegan journey. Their recipes, articles, humorous blog posts, and campaigns have given me support and confidence in my lifestyle. Going vegan is the most life-changing decision I have ever made, and I owe it to PETA for supporting me. I am happy to give back to them by working with peta2. Maybe I can help to change someone else’s life in the same way that PETA has changed mine.




6 thoughts on “My Vegan Diary: Week 9

    • It’s great to hear that you are on the street team! The Youth Advisory Board is a bit different, but still related! I will definitely be posting on our work, if I can, since we will be working on some campaigns and merchandise before they are released to the public. Right now we are working on some dissection missions for street team! ❤ And by all means post about your involvement with street team, too! The more awareness we spread, the better! 🙂


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