I Wish the World was Different

slice of cruelty

Yesterday, Mercy For Animals presented evidence of horrifying animal cruelty taking place at the milk producer for Leprino Foods, the world’s largest mozzarella cheese maker. Their undercover footage showed workers violently abusing the cows. The cows were whipped, sometimes on the face, and electrocuted. Injured or ill cows were not provided with veterinary care, and instead their pain was exacerbated by the workers’ intervention. You can view the footage here.

This investigation demonstrates that when animals are used as a food source, the product becomes more valuable than the individuals it comes from. In an industrialized setting where one downed cow is easily replaced by another, the animals are reduced to bits in an enormous machine The cows, marked by a number on a tag punched through their ears, lose all control of their own lives and bodies. They become tiny, insignificant milk machines, their suffering only contributing a mere drop to quench people’s endless thirst for dairy. Before they even open their eyes on this planet, their fate has already been sealed.  They are robbed of all individuality, freedom, and hope. And once they are no longer profitable, they are sent to slaughter and quickly replaced.

Not property

Nothing is worth this vicious torture. Not only are we stealing these animals’ milk, we are stealing their entire lives. If animals could speak, humans would weep. One day, we will look back on the way we treated animals and see how wrong we were. I just wish that day could come sooner.

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7 thoughts on “I Wish the World was Different

  1. This is so shocking to many people, myself included. I have gone most of my life believing the dairy industry was perfectly humane… I was so wrong! Thank you for sharing this – I hope this inspires more people to go vegan!


    • Thank you for bringing light to this horrible industry by posting about the MFA investigation! I truly hope that seeing the footage of animal cruelty on dairy farms will motivate people change. It is saddening how many people think that dairy and egg industries do not cause harm to animals. Truly, they are even more cruel that the meat industry! I hate that the suffering of these animals is ignored. Thank you for checking out my post! 🙂


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