My Vegan Diary: Week 8

Why I'm vegan

I have almost reached the two month mark in my vegan journey. It has truly been a remarkable 8 weeks, filled with personal growth and ethical development. But there is something that has been frustrating me lately that I will share in this diary.

For all of my life, I have struggled with several skin conditions. When I first went vegan, it was for purely ethical reasons. But I became interested in the health benefits when I learned that eliminating animal products from one’s diet can heal psoriasis, eczema, and acne. After reading about others’ success stories, I hoped that the vegan diet could do the same for me.

Due to the fact that all pharmaceuticals are tested on animals, I stopped using my skin medications. But I am still struggling with psoriasis and facial acne. This past week, a rash that had been developing on my arms became quite severe. So, with defeat, I decided to resume using my medication until it clears up. I feel torn inside, knowing that the animal who it was tested on experienced far more pain than I do. A rash won’t kill me. But no matter what I did or how long I waited, my skin simply would not heal.

Though I am not extremely health conscious, I have consistently eaten more whole and raw foods and limited processed foods since going vegan. But my skin is just as annoying as it has always been.Β  And now, in less than a week, these chemicals in a bottle have healed me more than the vegan diet has in eight weeks. It feels rather disheartening. I worry that since I am not a living testament of the health benefits of the vegan diet, people will see my acne and not want to go vegan.

I, personally, never want my vegan lifestyle to be centered around my own body and health.Β  But during times like this, when it feels like no matter what I do, I can’t control the way my face will look like tomorrow, it is so easy to become frustrated with my vegan diet. I know it is wrong to pity myself when billions of animals are not even granted a right to their own lives and bodies. So I will try my best to remain strong in my values and fight against these feelings discouragement. Because at the end of the day, this lifestyle I choose is dedicated to bringing liberation to the animals, not myself.




10 thoughts on “My Vegan Diary: Week 8

  1. I’m sorry about your skin. Have you tried natural remedies? I have this great book of natural medical remedies, I don’t have it with me now but if you’re interested, I could give you the name of it once I am home.


  2. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s important to take care of yourself too, and while psoriasis won’t kill you, it does cause pain and can be a major distraction, which as a new student you don’t want. Talk to a doctor about alternative treatments and do some research on your own. There are some good vegan scrubs and shampoos for psoriasis, though they can be pricey. But in the meantime, do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy.


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