Leave Meat Behind!

I recently read this wise quote and thought it was worth sharing. It makes perfect sense! We have taken a practice that began as an act of survival and grew it into a massive, cruel, and destructive killing machine. All because we can’t move past a taste and tradition. The price of producing meat, for both the animals and the planet, is ridiculously enormous compared to the momentary pleasure of eating it. We can no longer ignore this growing monster of destruction and cruelty occupying our world. The insanity of forcing billions of animals to endure lifetimes of pain and suffering only to produce meat we do not require for survival has become obvious. There is NOTHING natural about modern meat farming! In order to advance our species and our planet, we must leave meat behind!





2 thoughts on “Leave Meat Behind!

  1. So true. The biggest hurdle is the marketing industry, selling lies of humane methods and happy animals. My hope is that more and more consumers immerse themselves in knowledge and compassion, the ony way to overcome global callous interests. Great quote by a great advocate.


    • I’m glad you agree! People are very disconnected from where their food comes from. It’s so sad! I wish people could see the suffering that goes unnoticed. But hopefully with the growth of media and communication, the truth will spread. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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