My Vegan Diary: Week 5

So far, my vegan diaries have not been very personal. So in this week’s entry, I’m going to detail more about my experience as a new vegan.

pig and lamb


Since I went vegan, I have had a few weird dreams about animal products. Thankfully, none of them have been scary or nightmare-worthy. In these dreams, I found myself accidentally eating or purchasing an animal product. In all of them, I felt sickened and uncomfortable about obtaining the foods. For example, in a recent dream, I was eating pizza and was horrified to learn that it was covered in dairy cheese. I felt very saddened that I “was not a vegan anymore” and was relieved to wake up and find that the situation had never happened!

Dreams are useful for telling your true emotions because when you go to sleep, the conscious part of your mind that controls your thoughts, feelings, and actions is no longer present.  If I was consciously forcing myself to be vegan against my inmost nature, I would most likely have dreams manifesting my desire to eat animal products. However, I felt just as disgusted and uninterested in eating animal products in my dreams as I do in real life. So I can safely say that my true inmost self desires to live vegan.


This week, I finally watched the documentary Blackfish. If you have never heard if it, it is about the killer whale, Tilikum, who was taken from the wild as a baby to be trained to perform in Sea World shows. What was most upsetting to me was that even after Tilikum killed a trainer, they still continued to perform with him. Sea World even hid the fact that Tilikum was responsible for these deaths, leading to the deaths of future trainers. It is upsetting that Sea World values its profit above the welfare of its trainers and animals. Clearly, keeping killer whales in captivity and forcing them to perform is dangerous for both the whales and the humans involved.


Angora belongs

This week, I have been very busy packing for college. While going through my fall sweaters, I was horrified to find that two of them contained Angora rabbit fur! I had seen the pictures of the screaming rabbits tied down, having their fur ripped out by the fist full. I could not believe that I had contributed to this!  One sweater was purchased from H&M, who stopped making its products from Angora last November.  The other was from Urban Outfitters, who still carries Angora products. I suppose I must live and learn. In the future, I will carefully read material labels before I buy anything so I know what I am supporting.

Ten reasons to never buy Angora.


vegan multivitamin

I have decided to begin supplementing my diet with a daily vegan multivitamin from Deva. I do not see any signs of deficiency yet, but I feel safest supplementing B-12 and iron before symptoms appear. And it should be noted that a vitamin supplement is not an alternative for a well-planned, varied diet, whether you are vegan or not.

That has been my fifth week as a vegan! Living vegan is a journey, and with each day, I am striving to live a more compassionate life.




6 thoughts on “My Vegan Diary: Week 5

  1. Thank you for sharing these facts, Leila, and for switching to a compassionate and healthier lifestyle. Captivity for the unnecessary animal consumerism of all forms brings unspeakable suffering.


  2. Leila, great post. I was lacto vegetarian for 22 years and finally went completely vegan earlier this year. I’m first and foremost focused on a compassionate lifestyle and have now added onto that, the health aspects as well; not only for the animals but for our environment and our own wellness too. Buying foods that are Organic and/or Non-GMO and supporting local organic vegetable farms is a big part of that. The food industry is a MONSTER and they hide many things from. The big companies that control food distribution have, and continue to, buy out the small mom and pop health food companies and then disguise chemical laden products as “healthy” and “vegan”. This same money keeps them destroying the environment, raping our resources and supports both the cruelty and the killing of animals. We must be strong to read between the lines. Find out what companies own which brands and boycott them…buy organic and local (know where the seeds are coming from)…make your own soaps, cleaners, etc. It is ALL connected to the same cogs in the machine. As far as supplements go, some are good and some not. I did away with my vitamins once I started juicing and doing smoothies. Buy a lot of organic fruits and veggies…get a blender…get a juicer and some good vegan protein powder (without chemicals). You would not believe the amount of nutrition you can get out of just one fresh juice! And it naturally detoxes your body as well so you end up feeling great. I’m just shouting out to you because I have so much respect for the vegan community and I want to show new vegans that there is also a whole other side to it that is very important to look at as well. Thanks! Keep it up! –Chris


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I am also a vegan for ethical and environmental reasons. The health benefits are a nice bonus. I am interested in juicing, as I have never tried it before. It seems like a nutritious way to boost energy and cleanse the body. I will try to shop local and organic when I can. Thank you so much for sharing!

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