Back-To-School Makeup


As we enter the second week of August, it has become impossible to ignore: the new school year is coming!  If you will be attending a new school like I am, the stakes are high to make a great first impression. That’s where makeup comes in to boost your confidence!

When it comes to school and work, there is little consensus on how much makeup is appropriate. So in this post, I will be demonstrating three school-appropriate looks with varying amounts of makeup to help you look your best on your first day, no matter your preference.

I never wear a full face of foundation to school , so I suggest spot treating acne and under eye circles with a concealer. I recommend Benefit’s Boi-ing. I simply apply it using my finger.  If I have some extra time, I will fill in my brows with a powder.

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Look #1: Light and Simple

This look is for the minimalist, or for those running late on their first day after vacation!

Instead of wearing eyeshadow all over the lid, apply a champagne shimmer to only the inner corner and tear duct. I am using Kitten from Stila. This will give the eyes a subtle brightening effect.


To give the impression of thicker lashes, tightline the upper lashline only. This trick is also known as “no eyeliner eyeliner.” Curl the lashes and add mascara.


Finish with a bit of lip balm and a soft pink blush, if you wish!


Look #2: Subtle Earth Tones

This matte eye look is for those who like to wear eyeshadow but still wish to embrace a natural look. I will be using the Stila In The Light palette.

Begin by priming the lid, which is a must for a long day at school. Then, apply a soft white/cream matte shadow all over the lid, inner corner, and tear duct. I am using “Bare.”


With a fluffy crease brush, softly define the crease using a warm matte brown. I am using “Bliss.”


Apply a brown pencil eyeliner to the upper lashline and smudge. The pencil I am using is from Physician’s Formula. I love the soft and natural look brown eyeliner gives, as black can sometimes be too harsh. If you have brown eyes, brown liner will really make them pop.

To further define your eyes, smudge a bit of brown liner into the outer third of your lower lashline. Curl the lashes and add mascara.


Finish with a tinted lip balm for a soft wash of color. To add more warmth to your complexion, blend a bit of your favorite bronzer onto your cheeks with circular motions.

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Look #3: Neutral Shimmer

This look is for those wishing to make a statement on the first day of school without feeling too overdone. I will be using the Too Faced Natural Eye palette for this look.

Begin by priming the lid. If you wish to intensify the shadows, prime with a cream shadow, such as Benefit’s RSVP.


Apply a peachy shimmer all over the lid. I am using “Silk Teddy.”


Define the crease with a soft matte brown. I am using “Velvet Revolver.”


Intensify the look by blending a dark matte brown into the corner, bringing it slightly into the crease. I am using “Sexspresso.” Pick up a bit more of the crease shade and continue to blend out the dark brown.


Also run the dark brown along the outer half of the lower lashline.


Finish with a thin line of liquid liner. I am using Stila’s Stay All Day. I like to add a small flick at the end to give a polished finish without looking overly dramatic. Curl the lashes and add mascara.


Finish with a soft nude lip gloss. I love the Butter Gloss from Nyx. This shade is Creme Brulee.


That’s it! To everyone heading back to school soon, I wish you the best of luck. Here’s to your most successful year yet!

Though returning to school may cause pain, your beauty routine shouldn’t. All of the products featured in these looks are cruelty free! 🙂 At least there’s something you can be relieved about! 😉




16 thoughts on “Back-To-School Makeup

  1. I recently graduated university and won’t be going back to school, but I totally free with everything you have to say- light makeup, earthy tones are perfect you don’t need a full contoured face or crazy eyeshadow. I think the same rules apply to the work place as well. You want to look natural and not over done.


    • Thanks for checking out my post! Natural makeup is definitely the safest bet for school/work. Anything more just seems unnecessary to me. But subtle pops of color can definitely be incorporated into a neutral look, too. 🙂


  2. Gorgeous. Even though I’m not a light makeup kind of person personally, these are the looks I encourage my little sister (12 years old) to wear. And your liner in the last look is absolutely flawless!


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