Soft Smokey Eye


Though I usually gravitate towards neutral eye makeup, I have been dabbling with darker, smokier eye looks lately. In this post, I will show you how I achieve a soft smokey eye using the Stila “In The Light” Palette.


1. Tape. Stick a piece of tape to the back of your hand a few times to remove a bit of its stickiness. Then align the tape with the corner of your eye and the tip of your brow.


2. Prime the lid. For a lighter, softer look, apply a champagne cream shadow all over the lid and browbone. If you want a dark, dramatic look, prime the lid using a black shadow stick.


3. Apply a shimmery gray to the lid. Do not let this enter the crease or inner corner. Pressing the shadow onto the lid will give added pigmentation.


4. Blend a transition shade into the crease. I will be using a light, matte brown. A facial powder will work as well. Use a fluffy crease brush.


5. Begin working a matte black shadow into the outer corner and crease. Be patient with this part,as it takes a lot of blending. Pick up a little bit of pigment on the brush at a time and gradually build up the color. Use a denser crease brush so you have more precision.


6. Blend. Take a bit of the transition shade on your fluffy blending brush and work this into the crease, blending upwards. We want a gradient effect where the crease is the darkest, and the color fades above the crease. When you think you are done blending, blend some more!


7. Intensify. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you are satisfied with the smokiness of the crease. To restore lost intensity to the lid, reapply the gray shimmer.

8. Lower lashline. Using a smudging brush, run the black along the lower lashline as close to the base of the lashes as possible. Blend this out with side-to-side motions to achieve a smokey effect. Take a bit of the transition shade on your brush and continue blending.


9. Apply liquid winged liner. The tape makes it easy to achieve a perfectly sharp and angled wing. (Although I don’t suggest you use this method on a regular basis, as removing the tape stretches the skin.) Also tightline and line the waterline with a black pencil liner. Finish with a few coats of mascara or falsies if you so desire.


10. Remove the tape and use a makeup wipe to clean up fallout.

11. Apply a shimmery white to the tear duct, inner corner, and browbone. Typically, applying a shimmer to the browbone scares me, but I find it looks nice paired with the dark smokey eye.


12. Fill in and set your brows. Defined brows are important when going for a bold eye, as the dark shadows tend to wash them out.

13. Pair with a red lip for a pop of color!


The completed look:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Best,




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