Cruelty Free Product Haul


Over the past couple of weeks, I picked up a few new items to replace those in my shower and haircare routine that are tested on animals. All of these products are cruelty free and contain no animal byproducts. I have been enjoying using them so far, so I will be sharing my thoughts about them in this post.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray and Hair Cream


I recently cut ten inches off my hair and donated it. I never bothered to style my hair when it was long, as waist-length hair makes enough of a statement on its own. So in order to give my short hair a bit more life, I purchased these texturizing products. As I have naturally wavy hair, I was hoping they would enhance its natural appearance. I love these two together! The hair cream smells wonderful–like coconuts by the seashore ๐Ÿ™‚ ! But be careful with it! The first time I used it, I applied way too much, giving my hair that crunchy texture :P. I now rub a pea-sized amount on my fingers and run them through my hair, scrunching it to enhance its natural wave and give it volume. Afterwards, I spritz a generous amount of the sea salt spray through it. I purchased both of them from Ulta. My friend who has straight hair also enjoys the sea salt spray, so I encourage people of all hair types to give them a try!

Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner and Shampoo


I needed new shampoo and conditionerย  to replace my Pantene ones, so I decided to give these a try!ย  I like that these products are natural and do not contain any sulfates. Both also have a clean and refreshing scent. The conditioner is rich and creamy and contains Argan oil, which nourishes dry hair. I massage it through my hair, focusing on the ends and avoiding the scalp, and rinse it off a few minutes later.

Trader Joe’s Refresh Citrus Body Wash


This is a very nice and gentle body wash. Its citrus scent is supposed to be aroma therapeutic. I am not sure whether it has an affect on my mood, but I guess I will find out when I start college and the stress begins, haha!ย  I do love the scent though–very fresh and lemony!

Trader Joe’s A Midsummer Night’s Cream


This cream is quite rich, thick, and smooth. It is very moisturizing without being greasy. My skin does not become dry throughout the day, and it absorbs this lotion quickly. It is enriched with aloe, so it is soothing as well. Some lotions, such as Vaseline, burn when I apply them to the sensitive skin on my face, but this one does not. So if you have skin that is easily irritated, I recommend this cream.

Trader Joe’s Spa Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil


This face wash is like nothing I’d ever used before. It is a very thin liquid and does not lather. It is difficult to see when you pump it in your hand, so be careful not to use too much! The first thing I noticed about it was its scent. The tea tree oil smells very strongly, but is not unpleasant.ย  It feels very clean and refreshing on the skin without drying it. Tea tree oil is an excellent natural treatment for acne. I have not gotten any breakouts since I began using this face wash, though I am sure eating vegan is largely responsible for this. If you have acne prone skin like I do, I recommend that you give this face wash (or another that contains Tea tree oil) a try.

That’s all for this haul! (haha that rhymed :P) I encourage you to give these products or other natural products a try! It is fun to switch up your shower routine and try new things. It is also great to know that you are not rubbing any mysterious chemicals on your body and hair. And of course, you can shower in peace knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your soaps and lotions! ๐Ÿ™‚




13 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Product Haul

  1. Love how your using products not tested on animals. I was going through my products one day and found just way to many do it. This was a great read! I don’t think I have a Trader Joes near by but if I can get my hands on some of those products I’d love to try them. Did you find these products much more expensive than your usual ones?


    • I am glad you are interested in switching to cruelty free, natural products! Any local grocery/drugstore should sell cruelty free products. Here is a listing of many common brands:
      All of the items that I switched to were cheaper than the ones I had been using previously. The shampoo and conditioner were each $2 cheaper and the face wash was $6 cheaper! So in addition to saving lives, you are saving money. ๐Ÿ™‚


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