Simple and Natural Face Mask


I love pampering myself and enhancing my natural beauty, but I find it difficult to obtain spa goodies on a student’s budget. So when I heard about this simple two-ingredient face mask that I could make at home, I was dying to try it!  The best part about making your own mask is that you know exactly what you are putting on your face. Because I have sensitive skin, I try to avoid using products that contain harsh mystery chemicals, making this mask a perfect option. So if you are interested in making this face mask, keep reading!

You Will Need



A small bowl or dish


1. Put 1-2 spoon fulls of honey in the bowl and sprinkle the cinnamon into the honey, stirring until the mask is opaque.


2. Apply a coat to your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin with your fingers, and then wait 10 minutes.

3. Rinse your face, massaging your skin to exfoliate.


I love how simple, yet effective this face mask is. Honey is nourishing, while cinnamon is an antibacterial agent and a gentle, eco-friendly exfoliant. This mask also heals acne without drying the skin, as many products containing acne medications do. My face always feels radiant, smooth, and glowy afterwards! I would suggest using this mask 3-5 days in a row if you have active acne, and as it heals, reduce the frequency to once per week.

So give this simple and natural face mask a try on your next spa night!  I am sure you will be pleased with the results!




6 thoughts on “Simple and Natural Face Mask

  1. I love this mask! I’ve used it a few times before and it leaves your skin feeling so soft! I heard once that you can add a bit of nutmeg for some extra exfoliation and so I tried it and it worked really well, but since my skin is a little more on the sensitive side it left it a little red for a few minutes. As long as you’re gentle with it, it’s amazing!


    • I’m glad you enjoy this mask as much as I do! I do experience a bit of rednes afterwards as well, but it usually calms down after applying a gentle moisturizer. I would love to try adding nutmeg! Thanks for the tip!


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