Twenty Facts About Me!


My blog recently reached fifty followers! I am so grateful to everyone who has checked out my blog! I never thought I would reach fifty this quickly! Since I have been blogging for 10 days now, I thought I would introduce myself by sharing twenty facts about me. Enjoy!

1. I have been a proud tortoise owner for the last 7 years

2. I attended a boarding school during high school.

3. I have been obsessed with turtles since age 9.

4. I am half Chinese, a quarter Italian, and a quarter Spanish.

5. I recently cut ten inches off my hair and donated it.

6. My favorite pair of shoes are black Vans.

7.  I like putting peanut butter on everything.

8. My favorite subject in high school was calculus.

9.  I wore overalls before they were cool.

10. I come from a single parent household.

11. When I was 13, I only wore polos, turtle tee shirts, and khakis. *hiding embarrassment*

12. I am passionate about feminist issues, especially regarding women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

13. I am an introvert.

14. I spend 6+ hours per day listening to music.

15. My top 3 favorite bands are Arch Enemy, Flyleaf, and Paramore.

16. My favorite way to spend my free time (besides with my pet tortoise) is watching Youtube videos.

17. I think I’m majoring in physics, but I’m not sure yet.

18. I don’t feel like myself without black nail polish on. (I even wore black nails to my prom.)

19. I will be attending college out of state.

20. I got into makeup when I purchased and did my own makeup for a dance during my sophomore year. (No pictures will be included :P)

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed getting to know me! Let me know if you can relate to any of my facts! And a huge thank you once again to everyone who has followed my blog! 🙂 🙂 🙂




3 thoughts on “Twenty Facts About Me!

  1. What fun reading the post !!!
    I love tortoise and the turtles freak the hell outta me !

    I love the overalls and wore
    them all through my high school 😊

    I absolutely love love love calculus !!!

    I wanted to donate my hair but I went crazy with managing the hair and cut them off before I could have the required length… So kudos to you !

    And I love music too !!! Although I have no idea about the bands you like .. Am I old or what !


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