Get Stress Free Winged Liner!

Is it just me, or is winged liner the most stressful part of makeup? When your eyeliner looks perfect, you feel like a million bucks, but when it looks screwed up, you feel self conscious about it all day! In this post, I’m going to show you a method I have created for doing my winged liner that has helped me achieve sharp, clean, and symmetrical wings more consistently.

I prefer to use a felt tipped liquid eyeliner pen; however, a gel eyeliner and an angled brush will also work fine with this method.

???????????????????????????????     ???????????????????????????????

To begin, look straight ahead in the mirror. With the pen on its side, lightly stamp it above the center of your pupil as close to the lash line as possible.

???????????????????????????????      ???????????????????????????????

Then, align the pen with your lower lash line, adjusting it to your preferred length and angle. Stamp the pen again.

???????????????????????????????      ???????????????????????????????

Now, using the tip of the pen, draw a line to connect the tip of the wing to the line in the center of the lash line with a single stroke. Look down for this step. Fill in the wing and extend the line towards the inner corner. Thicken the line and wing as desired.


That’s it!


1. Don’t do one eye at a time. Perform one step on one eye, then replicate it on the other.  This will help the wings to match.

2. Choose an eyeliner pen with a thin, flexible tip. I recommend the Stila Stay All Day and Maybelline Master Precise liquid eye pens.

3. To get rid of gaps, line as close to the lashes as possible and tightline (line the upper waterline) using a black pencil liner.

I can’t guarantee this method will get you the perfect eyeliner every time. Even professionals make mistakes occasionally! But hopefully it helps you achieve that gorgeous, dramatic wing everyone is after more consistently!




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