My Go-To Summer Makeup Products


During the summer, it is hard enough to prevent yourself from feeling like you are melting. Combined with heavy makeup products, this task becomes doubly hard!  In this post, I’m going to show you the light and easy makeup products that have been my go-to’s this summer.



During the summer, I tend to avoid foundations and even BB creams. With high temperatures and humidity levels, I feel that it is best to skip that extra layer of makeup and just let my skin breathe. Instead, I use a creamy liquid concealer to spot-treat any blemishes, areas of redness, and under eye circles. My Maybelline Fit Me concealer has been perfect for this job! It blends easily into the skin and is very brightening in the under eye area.

To set the concealer and prevent creasing, I use my Loreal True Match Powder. I tend to focus this on my “T-Zone,” which is the forehead, nose, and chin. To prevent that dreaded shiny look, I apply facial powder quite generously and reapply throughout the day.


When I want to add a bit of warmth and color to my complexion, I reach for my Naked Flushed Palette by Urban Decay. I love how all of my contouring needs are satisfied in this product, which contains a warm, matte bronzer, a matte blush, and a light pinky highlighter.  I typically suck in my cheeks and apply the bronzer to the hollows, and then bronze my jawline.  I apply the blush to the tops of my cheeks and blend it up to my temples. The humidity and sun leave my complexion more shiny than I know what to do with, so I have been staying away from the highlighter these days!



This summer, I have found myself limiting my eye routine to only eyeliner and mascara quite frequently.  But when I do wear eyeshadow, I have been loving Benefit’s creaseless cream shadow.  I would recommend any shimmery shadows, as they look very beautiful in the bright summer sun! But no matter what type of eyeshadow you apply, a hearty eyeshadow primer will be your best friend during hot weather! I can always count on Urban Decay’s primer potion to keep my eyeshadow vibrant and crease-free all day.

I have been enjoying the Stila Stay All Day liquid liner this summer.  It is waterproof and smudge-proof, meaning it will survive a surprise water balloon fight or a splashy poolside! Even on the hottest of summer days, I do not fear this eyeliner running or fading.

For eyebrows, I have been following a more natural route lately. Because I have rather thick brows, I only use a clear mascara from Maybelline Great Lash to set them in place. If you have more sparse brows and wish to fill them in, I would recommend using a pencil instead of a powder, as a pencil is more long wearing.



During the summer, I tend to avoid any thick and heavy lip products. I would hate for a lipstick to feather or run on my face during a hot day.  (Or melt in my purse, for that matter!)  Instead, I have been loving the Rose Salve from C.O Bigelow, which I purchased at Bath and Body Works.  It is very quick and easy to apply, gives my lips a smooth, glossy finish, and keeps my lips hydrated all day. Not to mention that it comes in this adorable tin!

This concludes my go-to summer makeup products!  Hope this helps you stay looking cool and breezy all summer long!




11 thoughts on “My Go-To Summer Makeup Products

  1. Love it! Some of my favorite products are listed. Maybelline Fit me is my replacement for the discontinued Benefit Playsticks and I love rosebud salve.It smells so pretty and has just a hint of color. Perfect for Summer!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed my favorites! The Naked Flushed palette is amazing. I love how natural and blendable the colors are. It’s the only blush, bronzer, and highlight I own, because they can be worn with any look! 🙂


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