Jelly Sandals

Good Afternoon!

Meet my latest fashion obsession: Jelly sandals! I picked up this pair by BC footwear from Nordstrom in June.  I absolutely love them!  Wearing these jellies makes me feel as though I am a schoolgirl playing tag on the playground again, haha! They are comfortable, sturdy, and of high quality.  I love how they add a fashionable, retro touch to any outfit. They look great paired with high waisted shorts, skater skirts, dresses, and even jeans. I know I will be wearing them during the fall with some cute lace trimmed , crocheted, or colorful socks, or tights. You can find them in other colors, such as pink, but I prefer the black pair because they match with everything. (Almost all of the shoes in my closet are black or brown for that reason!) They’re such a unique and adorable find and I’m so happy with them! Hope this gives you some inspiration! 🙂





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